Xiaomi Redmi K30 will support the fifth generation networks

All fans of the Redmi series are looking forward to the Note 8 series that will be unveiled this week, but the brand manager has decided to deflect attention for some time. Lu Weibing announced on Weibo that there will be Redmi K30 and will support 5G connectivity. However, in response to a fan, he confirmed that the phone is still in its first stage of research and development.


But the price and specifications of the Redmi K20 Pro was included in the category of medium phones, but if the Redmi K30 was launched with support for the fifth generation networks, this may change this category and may make it the highest category if it does not come within the leading phones.

Many Xiaomi officials have brought out good news, such as Lei Jun, co-founder of the company, and Zhang Guoquan, director of the software team. Interestingly, Richard Yu, Chairman of Huawei, did mention in his comments to George Chao (Mansion), Honor Director, which makes us wonder if there is any relationship between senior officials in the Chinese smartphone companies competing.

The development of Redmi K30 to support the fifth-generation networks means that the Xiaomi brand, which falls within the middle class and fills the markets with phones with strong specifications at reasonable prices, will also join the gigabit race (high capacity download and browse at full speed), since there are no Redmi devices now that operate with the Snapdragon X50 modem , Even if it could theoretically be possible to work Redmi K20 Pro, which is the one that by the way will come with Snapdragon 855 processor. On the ground, the new flagship phone should be released within at least six or seven months, which is expected to be at the MWC 2020 conference in Barcelona next year.