Sun capital in 6th October city by Arabia holding

sun capital 6 october


Arabia holding, sun capital Arabia holding group is an Egyptian company that was established 27 years ago focusing on delivering real estate projects in unique locations. It offers projects vary from youth projects to A-class compounds.

Arabia holding projects:-

  • Sun capital
  • Moon Valley 1
  • Moon Valley 2
  • Galleria
  • Galleria mall
  • Galleria residence
  • Dubai 3 towers, 1 moon tower in business bay, 2 moon towers in Jebel Ali .

What is Sun Capital October City?

Sun capital project considered to be the Crown Jewel of the Arabia Holding Group in Partnership with the Ministry of Housing, it’s presented by Arabia Holding as a Holistic Touristic city as it considered to be the new touristic capital of Egypt .

Sun capital city named as a capital touristic city set on an area of 556 acres 60% will be a residential area, 40% will be a commercial area, located in 6th of October city, it’s 5 mins away from the Egyptian grand museum and 15 mins away from mall of Egypt.

Sun capital is easily accessible from anywhere in the city as it’s connected to a number of roads, it lies at the end of Wahat road and the start of Fayoum road.
Sun capital city is inspired by several Egyptian architecture schools starting by the Pharaonic architecture passing by the Islamic, European and the latest modern architectural buildings new landmark for Egypt’s future.

Sun Capital Compound is offering studios, apartments, standalone villas, twin houses, and grand family homes


Arabia Holding has chosen the location of sun capital carefully as it keens to make it unique due to its proximity to landmarks and living areas
Sun Capital 6 October located in the main tourist entrance to the pyramids